This course is designed to assist an operator in obtaining a high level of proficiency and skill.

The carbine/patrol rifle course emphasizes marksmanship and tactically sound movements utilizing the AR & AK platform . This training was designed around law enforcement training and tactics. The course focuses on building the confidence and still set of attendees to be able to perform under a high level of stress, dealing with malfunctions and weapon manipulation. This will be done while learning proper cover and concealment, methods of carry, and weapon transitions. This course covers tactics, firearm safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship. During these 4 hr course each student will shoot approximately 200 rounds of ammunition. Each level builds on the prior level (TCOC #1, #2 & #3)

Please e-mail us at if you are interested in attending a particular class. – For security reasons, not all classes are listed in the public calendar.