Tactical Carbine Operator Course (T.C.O.C.) Discount $125

Tactical Carbine Operator Course (T.C.O.C.) Discount $125



You save $70.00 (36%)!

Tactical Carbine Operator Course (T.C.O.C.) $125.00
Valid for any scheduled training date for one year from date of purchase.

Gift certificates are available at no additional charge.

Rifle safe handling, strong side / support side fire, movement drills, weapon transition drills, shooting from / proper use of cover, various common shooting positions (pros / cons of each) ammo and optic selections etc.

You will need the following equipment:
AR-15, A.K. or variant (5.56 min. cal.) no AR pistols.Sshorty rifles & cans are OK for this class!
Min. 250 rounds f.m.j (no tracer, green tip ss109 or steel core)
Optic or iron sights (MUST BE ZEROED PRIOR TO ATTENDING THIS CLASS. No time allotted to zero)
Some kind of rifle sling is required (single, 2 or 3 point)
Min. 3 rifle magazines
some type of rifle mag holder

(optional) High Cap.semi auto handgun
3 handgun mags
retention holster & double mag holder
150 rounds of handgun

safety glasses
Weather appropriate clothing (long pants / long sleeve shirts, boots & Hats recommended)
Food & Hydration (MUST HAVE HYDRATION)

This class is a prerequisite for the TCOC II & A.V.T.C. Class, NO EXCEPTIONS

a 72 hr. written cancellation notice is required once you have selected a training date in order to reschedule.