"When the living are being consumed by the dead, it will be the brave few who will hold humanity’s banner between blood splattered fingers, smelling of gunpowder"
Hello everyone. We are hosting an overnight Zombie match here in Texas. The match will take place overnight from Saturday, Oct. 27th to Sunday, Oct. 28th.
This is a low light, head shots only pistol / rifle match. The shooters will have to utilize weapon mounted lights, hand held lights and whatever limited ambient light there may be to clear each stage.
Our objective is to provide a safe, fun and challenging match for the shooters. We have lots of props and realistic scenarios that we believe will make this a very realistic / apocalyptic style match. There are only 100 spots in the competition.

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T.D.S.A. 1125 Wolf Springs RoadFerris, TX Map It!
Time: 5:00pm - 3:00am
Contact For More Information Jeff Chase Lone Star Protective Solutions (940) 453-1683
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